This is the first social initiative in Ukraine focused on improving children's housing
"The Right to Comfort" charitable foundation
Every child's home should be a cozy fortress that protects and has everything necessary for their healthy growth. The home is where children's psyche is formed, life guidelines for the future are determined. And the conditions in which children live affect their entire future life, shape their worldview, and can even affect their health!
Charitable foundation mission
The happy future of children - due to the fundamental improvement of their living conditions. So, after renovation, in the comfortable renewed house, it's not just the walls that will emerge from desolation - there will be a chance for a better, psychologically prosperous fate for children and their families. The Foundation seeks to draw attention to an acute social problem - the living conditions of children in Ukraine, as well as to promote the volunteer movement to help children in difficult life circumstances. The main activity of the Foundation, and a way to fulfill its mission, is our charitable social project "The Right to Comfort"
About the founder
Hello! I am Viktoriya Faynblat, a Ukrainian designer, and architect. Seventeen years ago I established my design bureau in Kyiv. During this time I've created, successfully implemented, and completed more than 170 architectural objects in Ukraine and abroad, for which I've received 15 professional awards. But off-work, I am a mother of two and wife, a doctor by primary education, and the winner of Mrs. Ukraine International beauty pageant. Also for many years I've been taking part in other people's charitable projects to help children - and have always dreamed of creating my own charitable foundation to unite people and make children's lives happier. And eventually, my dream came true when I founded "The Right to Comfort", a charitable social project.
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