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"The Right to Comfort" Charitable Foundation has launched the fund-raising not only for renovating homes of our project's heroes (which is more than 1 million UAH for each object) but also to improve their physical and mental conditions: consultations with doctors, treatment, organization of long-term treatment courses and therapy, purchase of clothes, household essentials, dishes, toys and more.

The money the foundation receives is mainly used to equip the heroes' homes, a renovation of which takes around 1.5-2.5 months.
All funds received on the account of "The Right to Comfort" Charitable Foundation are distributed according to the needs of our heroes. They are placed on record in relevant Agreements and Acts and fully comply with the Fund's Program.

Because the program of the Charitable Foundation operates on a regular basis, upon the closure of the previous Agreement with the Beneficiary, the remaining funds will be transferred to the needs of the next Beneficiary.

The donation is made voluntarily and is non-refundable.

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