Is your family struggling with difficult life circumstances? Are you a father/mother or guardian of children, and live with them in an old apartment with bad conditions? Is the critical condition of your apartment deteriorating the health of your children? Then waste no time and complete an application for participation in the project "The Right to Comfort"!
What do you need to do?
Carefully read our project participant questionnaire. Fill in the information about yourself and your children carefully. Take a photo of the necessary documents with your smartphone and attach them to the questionnaire in the relevant paragraphs.

Whom do we help?
First of all, the Foundation takes care of families with children growing up in difficult life circumstances. These are large and single-parent families, families with registered guardianship or adoption of children. We also pay attention to families with low-income after the loss of a care provider. And also to cases when the improvement of the living conditions of the child are necessary for the registration of guardianship or the improvement of a child's health.
Requirements for families
A prerequisite for the participation of the family is that it lives and is registered in the apartment that belongs to it and for which the ownership documents are issued. Parents-guardians of children should be decent people without harmful addictions, credits, and loans, and without debts for all types of utilities. The apartment and the family should not be involved in any property litigation, in particular, should not be under arrest or be the subject of the appeal of the right to inheritance, etc.

All the information must be accurate. Documentation and reliability of the family will be checked by lawyers who are helping "The Right to Comfort" Charitable Foundation.
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