"The Right to Comfort" is the first charitable social project in Ukraine to improve children's living conditions through home renovations. The participants of the project are, first of all, children from low-income and single-parent families, adopted children, and children with disabilities. Numerous benefactors are involved in the project implementation - these are companies and citizens who care about the lives of young Ukrainians.

In front of the viewers, children from families with difficult life circumstances will literally get a new home. This is a revival not only of the housing but also of their destiny. After all, from the ruins in which they live, will appear a nice room and a space with a chance for another future where a happy life is possible. Each episode combines stories of families in desperate need of renovation with a visualization of all stages of the repair work.
During the home improvement, we also strive to meet the individual needs of each family, beyond the renovation of their homes.
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